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a journey of identity

Responsive Website

It is important for your business that your website is responsive, you reach more people, you boost your sales more. 

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Let's build something great Together!

A journey of concepts to help you shine

We will take a trip together to help you shine and fulfill your purpose

We go further, 

we create your website

1. Collect Information

The most important phase of the process.

The goal is to get to know you and your business inside and out. We'll ask lots of questions, explore your competition, and identify your needs and goals, all to make sure we're on exactly the same page when it comes to what you want on your website.

2. Design and Development

It starts with a sitemap and then some mockups showing the basic layout, visual aesthetics, and content of each page for you to review. Then we will start building the site. Along the way, you will have several opportunities to review the project and request changes before we submit the site to you for your final approval.

3. Testing and Launch

The testing part is what we want to emphasize here. We have an extensive process in place to ensure that every button, animation, form, and feature works exactly as it's supposed to and looks great on all types of phones, tablets, and computers. So finally the fun part. Launch of your website... YAAAY!

4. Management & Support

...but it doesn't end there. You we will hand over the keys to your new website after we launch it, but first we will show you how to handle it, we will be here in case you have any problems. You can even support us with an affordable monthly down payment if you want regular help updating and managing your new website.

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