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Here you will find the memories of what we experienced in the Free Training

Discover how to have your business without neglecting your health with the 4 pillars to live a life in balance

Enjoy the free resources I have lovingly created for you!


Day 1

Physical activity

Day 2


Day 3

Professional life

Day 4

4 days, 4 pillars to live a life in balance

Here you can see the recorded classes.

This week I shared with you valuable content that will help you as a guide to reconnect with yourself and transform your lifestyle, remember, we are beings

bio-individuals, there is no magic rule, the magic lies in exploring yourself and finding what works best for you and nourishes you deeply. 

Rain Flowers

Sara Chalarca

IIN Health Coach and Certified Yoga Teacher

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Free Resources

Here you can download the free resources (gifts) that he created for you.

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